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KlevaKlip "Merbau Clip" is a multi-board concealed fixed clip. Working on "fixed pitch" principle, the clip provides a consistent  finish that is obtained without the use of nails or screws. As each board is inserted into the KlevaKlip, its "teeth" locked into place by a special fixing tool that is supplied with each box of clips.
This mechanical holding is supported by the use of adhesive to provide a look, longevity and feel that is difficult to obtain with conventional fastening systems - with the huge advantage of nor having to pre-groove your boards.
 The MT90 Merbau clip is designed to suit Timber Joists includingTreated Pine or Kiln Dried Hardwood joists, H3 Treated Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) joists, Metal RHS joists, C Purlins, and is Top fixed into the joists. Available in G-300 Z600 galvanised steel or optional stainless steel. 
The Top Fix clip is not suitable for F14 Unseasoned Hardwood.

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MT90G for $145.00 per box delivered to most places,also there is a stainless steel version available please ask for a quote.

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